Rumors in Games - Bioshock 2 No Multiplayer for you!

bioshock possible no mult

Ken Levine, the original creator of Bioshock has been leaning towards to removing online multiplayer in the next chapter of the epic series. Bioshock Infinite, which is to take place in the roaring 1910s and most likely a prequel, is going to be in the ranks of Metroid Prime, where being in a series that had multiplayer in one title of its series, then didn't have it in the next. While this isn't really set into stone for Bioshock Infinite, Ken Levine stated that adding multiplayer on games are both not all that interesting and can be a bit of a financial drain. He says that when people want to play multiplayer on consoles like the 360, they would rather play with a game that has a monopoly on online first person shooter multiplayer mode, such as Halo.

Mr. Levine has a point, in a sense. At times if a game isn't primarily designed around online multiplayer during its development, it is likely that it won't be an attention-getter. Most games that just slap on multiplayer to their games, do it at the last minute, or do such a poor job on it that feels like it was slapped on in the last minute.

I guess what Mr. Levine is trying to do is make us focus more on single player mode and not buy a game solely for the purpose of multiplayer where we focus more time on screaming at the guy from New Jersey who keeps mic spamming and hogging Big Daddy suit whenever it spawns instead of the rich full story in single player mode that keeps you coming back for more, and replaying on harder difficulties.

But, like I said before, it's not set into stone and we have until its unknown release date in 2012 to find out.