Games - Demanded Firefight is in Halo: Reach


Halo: Reach comes out tomorrow with a significant amount of improvements, but the mode I'm most excited about, is Firefight. When Halo 3: ODST came out about a year ago we weren't playing an elite soldier like we'd been used, but rather a combat rookie. The lead character in ODST was an interesting method of revealing the truth about the Halo universe "€œ if you aren't Master Chief, if you aren't a Spartan, you're a glass cannon at best.

All of the tools of destruction were there, but with a health bar that wouldn't recharge, avoiding shots became essential and this reality is what made ODST's contribution to the Halo universe so exciting. Firefight was a four-player cooperative score-based mode about surviving waves and waves of enemies and using strategies that would give you the most amount of points for the least amount of sacrifice. It helped illustrate the new character's weakness while showing the strength of human resistance. There was only one Master Chief, but a smart strategy could make a world of difference.

The only issue with Firefight was that it hadn't included online matchmaking, which meant if you didn't have friends to personally invite to your game, you couldn't take full advantage of the 4 available player slots. Thankfully, Halo: Reach has added online matchmaking to both Firefight and the campaign.

It'll be interesting to see if the mode Firefight will be as engaging as it was in ODST now that you'll be playing a Spartan again. Firefight in ODST was about high risk, high reward. In Halo: Reach the only way to maintain that same degree of excitement would be if the enemy bar was raised to compensate for the additional health. This should translate to an increase in destruction and intensity, I can't wait.