Jack Tretton of Sony states some harsh words for gamers, especially 3DS owners.

Okay so after finding this technology article from Fortune Magazine's online site, I think you can see what myself (and about 99% of the gaming community) thinks about this statement. Frankly, I think Jack just probably shot himself in the foot with this statement, probably thinking no one in the gaming community would find it on Fortune Magazine's site.

It's proof that this man (not the company) who makes decisions for Sony's department of entertainment doesn't get what the gamers of today are. Sure there are a lot of kids playing video games, but we of the older generation were kids too and still are, at heart.

I'm a big fan of Nintendo and its leading powerhousepresencein portable gaming. The Gameboy was my first every video game device I played with obsessively. Later on, I got the Gameboy Advance later on in life. Then, I went to Gameboy Advance SP when I was in high school. During college, I got the first generation Nintendo DS (at a cheap price since the lite was already out). And now, I'm saving up to get a 3DS (when more games come out for it). I'm 27 years old. I also travel a lot across the country to anime conventions by plane. I think you know where I'm going here. When I arrive at these anime conventions, I see the same "twenty-somethings" that Mr. Tretton describes, with their DS and 3DS units and enjoying themselves while waiting in line for an event.

I love the PSP, I love Sony, I love Nintendo, and I love the DS. However, this statement felt like a giant slap to the face of all us older "self respecting twenty-something" gamers.