Modded Controllers: Gears of War 2 Active Reload

Our Gears of War 2 Active Reload is still a strong seller and that's just because of how useful it is. For gamers active in the online community it's nice to be able to focus on aspects of your game rather then just aiming for a perfect reload. While other people may not have this advantage they don't call us Evil Controllers for nothing. It helps, but it definitely isn't something to cry about. If others want this advantage too, tell them to google us. We're everywhere.

Gears of War 2 is a hard game to master and if you've spent anytime with it online you know that if you don't play it regularly it's one of those games where your skill in it will deterioate quickly. If that's already happened to you, but you want to get ready for Gears of War 3 then this controller is essentially perfect for you. The game play in Gears is fairly different then that of other games and other shooters, this modded controller just helps you get back into that groove a little quicker.

If you don't necessarily want to get a modded controller, then just order our Evil D-Pad, it eliminates or those smaller errors that tend to occur at the worst possible times. If you've ever tried to pull out your shotgun in the last minute, then you know what I mean.

If you want to see this Evil Controller in action, click on "videos" on our page or just click on the following link:

*Evil Controllers does not endorse the use of mods in online games*