Microsoft's XBOX 360 Controllers helping the Fukushima Nuclear Plant recovery effort.

Japan's getting help from all over the world, especially in the relief effort of the troubling Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. They're even getting help from Microsoft in a nearly a way aside from the donated technology from all over the world. With the Japanese government working around the clock to cool the nuclear cores and contain the problem, outside sources are lending a hand, like QinetiQ, a company from here in the United States that build robotics for situations like these.

QinetiQ deployed its unmanned Talon robots in Fukushima alongside a number ofCBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) detection kits. The kids are designed to have the robots to i.d. over 7,500 environmental hazards like chemicals, hazardous wastes, and other dangerous elements. The Talon robots, while though are unmanned where they are, are controlled nearly 1,000 feet away by Xbox 360 controllers. you might have seen them in the news over the past year, serving in the military operations.

While Japan is not a full Xbox 360 gaming culture like Europe or North America, Japan is greatly embracing these robotics and their controllers in helping getting the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant under control.