UK-based GOW3 fan makes a lancer out of a NERF dart gun to auction for charity.

While there has been NERF lancers done before in the past, some people try to surpass one another by adding more detail or doing something different from others. As seen here on Kotaku, someone has gone the distance and made their NERF lancer customization a full automatic, different from the semi-automatics lancers that were customized out of NERF longshots (the well known sniper dartguns).

If you're a cosplayer of any the GOW3 characters like any of the COGs, this would be a great cosplay accessory. You got a well designed customization, an automatic function for authenticity, and the chain blades even spin just as fast (but definitely not as lethal) as a real chainsaw. Also, if there's a jam in the 20-dart magazine, there's an access door to clear any mess that got in the way. And the best thing of all, it can be yours for £220.00via Ebay (but you can bid for it for about £80.00) and also a portion of the sale will go to charity.

So if you want to own a sweet NERF lancer and want to do some good for charity, what are you waiting for? Get it! You'll need someone when the foam rubber Locust Horde comes knocking on your door!