James "Hawkprey" Hawkins, the artist behind Gears of War

Ever notice that Epic Games line of games' artwork and style have a lot in common? For example, Gears of War has a Unreal Tournament vibe to it as well as Bulletstorm. Well it's no coincidence as those games have the same artist behind it. That artist is known as James "Hawkprey" Hawkins.

Hawkins is the concept artists at Epic Games and was part of establishing the look for all its games. He's behind Epic Gamesart styleit is known for huge armor, rustic yet effective weaponry, and about everything that makes Gears of War, well...Gears of War. And since James has been working with nearly all of Epic's top games, his art style went with him. Because of that, it's expected of what any of Epic's games are to look like.

You can see here on Kotaku a sampling collection of James's work from all the games he's been a part of. It's a neat collection and makes you think about the artistic process and how it is a large contribution to any game.

If you like to see more of his work, take a gander at Hawkprey's personal site.