On June 24th we blogged about the possibilities of a Modern Warfare 3 survival mode, and since E3 the hype about this new mode has been brewing. Recently a game play video of MW3s survival mode has given us a whole new perception of its possibilities. The video is basically a walkthrough of all the options and perks associated with the survival mode. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say that it is going to be absolutely amazing; it is a whole new way to enjoy the weapons, perks, and game play of Modern Warfare games.

It is exactly as you would have imagined, with some twists here and there. Survival mode is a wave defense game type in which you accumulate money, purchase new devices, and outlast the hordes of enemies as long as you can. It also appears (from the video) that you can gain XP and level up while playing survival mode, which I personally was not expecting.

You can utilize turret guns, airships, C4, and a long list of other weapons to outlast and outshoot your enemies. The enemies appear to become more organized, stronger, and deadlier as you progress from one wave to the next, as one would expect. One such enemy being the attack dogs with explosives strapped to them. Yes, you read correctly. Dogs with explosives!

It is going to be an awesome new way to experience Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and I am even more excited about getting a copy of my own. Check out the game play video here, and see for yourself what the new game mode has to offer. Game on my friends!