Grand Theft Auto V Info

So we all know Rockstar are working quietly on the new Grand Theft Auto 5 title, and apart from a few screenshots and an announcement trailer, there's been little information to show the game in action. But soon, that's about to change, as Gameinformer are planning to release a bumper-packed GTA 5 edition of their magazine within the first weeks of November, allowing digital readers to get their hands on the copy on November 8th, and a full newsstand release set for November 16th.

No one is quite sure what the issue will tell us about the game, but Gameinformer has let everyone know that the GTA 5 section will consist of 18 pages. 18 pages is a lot of space to write in, so expect huge details on the game and lots of Grand Theft Auto screenshots to be shown off in the November Gameinformer magazine.

Gameinformer will be the first to report on the new GTA 5 with the 18 page exclusive, but expect many more game news sites and magazines to get involved straight after, so even if you won't be buying the issue, don't feel left out because everyone will want to share the details very soon.

In other news, Michael Patchter, a well-respected video games analyst, has told the world that he expects the release for Grand Theft Auto 5 to be between March and April 2013.

Will you be getting your hands on Grand Theft Auto 5?

Written by Ollie Green