Halo 4 Editions and Exclusives

Haven't pre-ordered Halo 4 yet? Good. Read this post to make sure you get the most out of the content within game, and help yourself save some bucks in the future too. Don't forget that subscribing to our newsletter gives you a chance to win an official Halo 4 console with official Halo 4 Controllers.

There are three main releases for Halo 4 and for all you diehard fans, no, unfortunately there isn't a humongous legendary crate of Halo goodies like previous games, but there are plenty of extras included both in-game and out of game bundled with each edition.

Halo 4 Standard Edition

The Standard Edition will cost you $60, and will include just the bare backbone of the Halo 4 experience, including the full game in an average case and no extra features. Check out a few retailers though, because you could get an extra in-game reward like the Forest armor skin from Gamestop.

Halo 4 Limited Edition

If you're going to be playing the Halo 4 multiplayer for a long time after release, then this is probably the deal for you. The bundle, which costs $99, will be boxed in a snazzy and shiny case with UNSC symbols etched on the front and insides. The limited edition copy will include instant access to all 8 multiplayer Spartan specializations, early access to the first DLC maps, and 15% off all future download content. You'll also get a bundle of armor and weapon skins as well as a few documentaries, and some cool graphical content.

Halo 4 Console

The Halo 4 Console pack will come with a 320GB translucent Xbox and two pairs of controllers as well as the standard game. The controllers and Xbox will be skinned with highly detailed Halo themed graphics, and the Xbox will make a Hal0-like sound when turned on. Although this lacks some of the limited edition features, you'll grab yourself a wicked looking new Xbox and a pair of impressive controllers.

Separate Controllers

If you don't want to splash $399.99 on a new xbox, you can still get yourself separate UNSC themed controllers for $60. This allows you to get whichever edition of the game you want as well as a cool controller.

You can definitely expect Evil to add some limited Halo 4 themed controller to our Controller Creator to help fans of the franchise make a truly custom halo 4 controller for themselves.

Written by Ollie Green