Frank O'Connor of 343 States that a Silent Master Chief is Important for the Next Halo Title


Thanks to some news from Shacknews, 343 Industries' franchise directory Frank O'Connor said that he was surprised by how fans reacted to the absence of Master Chief in Halo: Reach (except for a quick easter egg/cameo) and stated that John (aka Master Chief) will be explored more deeply in the next title, Halo 4.

"I was a great proponent of the new Spartans for Reach...I thought that people would do what they did with the Master Chief and put themselves into the character's shoes, but people missed him."

Master Chief wouldn't wouldn't have really fit in the timeline of Reach but O'Connor suggests that with all the time spent with John and how people have connected with the character, people have been asking for more. He elaborated about it in a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine.

"It's been ten years of Halo, and for some people it was their first gaming experience, so we shouldn't really have been surprised that the character had become beloved and ingrained in the experience...this is some people's main sci-fi experience - when I was a kid mine was Star Wars, but for some people it was Halo."

Still, O'Connor recognizes that so far Master Chief has a bit more of ground of his personality and life that needs to be covered and the next game will be able to cover that. However O'Connor stated that when it comes to exploring a character like the Chief, you can explore him through his actions than his words, as Chief is known to be a man of few words and it's "important to stick to that premise."

So basically, don't expect Master Chief to sit down and write an autobiography for you in the next Halo game. I think he's more concerned of that big glowing sphere thing in that trailer we saw.