The World's Most Popular MMORPG Turns Seven.

You know, it's funny. These days when a developer makes a great game, things can change within a few months. Either it will be populating the used game section of your local Gamestop or Walmart has recently slash its price in half.

However for World of Warcraft (the probable reason that I have no social life) has just seven. You heard me, seven, which is the same age of the average Horde player. Actually, when you think about it, maybe seven is a bit too young to state the game's age. The reason why is because the game was announced back in 2001.  Which would mean that it is actually ten years old.

WOW was released in the states and in Australia on November 23, 2004. To this day it remains to be a best seller in all of its past holiday seasons with millions of copies sold.