Halo 4 - Teabagging Returns

Well its official, in an interview with Kotaku, 343 Industries have confirmed that players once again will be able to crouch in Halo 4 with the same classic animation and posture. This in turn means that players can once again perform their favorite humiliation maneuver over fallen enemies, teabagging.

This move has been a notorious part of the Halo multiplayer universe where numerous players have been irritated to the point of gamer rage. Although this time around 343 Industries are calling it "victory crouching."

When asked why they brought crouching back again they had this to say "[Yes players can victory-crouch others] if they choose to do it. However if you're the other player, you now have the option of not seeing them do it."

If you don't see yourself being teabagged then were you teabagged? Well, I guess not. This is what 343 Industries have changed, instant respawn. So players don't need to wait and see their dead bodies being "victory-crouched" upon.

Kevin Franklin, one of the game's lead multiplayer designers added "If you're playing with your friends on your couch you can definitely customize this stuff to, say, extend the victory crouch window. The Halo sandbox lets players do so much and that's just one of the things people have found."

From what they said it seems they want to give players the complete package and not remove anything. I guess I respect that. To add to it, I bet a lot of you are happy about this as there is no better way than annoying a friend than by victory-crouching the hell out of him!

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad