Free Microsoft Points

Unless you're fortunate enough to be a professional gamer, making money from your gaming hobby isn't exactly easy. However, along with Microsoft's new Xbox reward system, Halo 4 players will be rewarded for doing what they do best; playing Halo 4.

This month, Microsoft will be giving out free Microsoft points to whoever plays Halo 4 and completes the challenges set out to the players. A new announcement by Microsoft has told us that there are a total of 800 Microsoft Points up for grabs, which is around $10.00 worth.

600 of the Microsoft Points will be awarded for playing for different periods of time, with the first being a 100 point award for 35 hours of play. Double your hours to 70 and you'll be given 300 points instead, and if you can play for a decent 140 hours within November, 600 Microsoft Points will be available for you to spend. If you haven't started playing already, reaching the 140 hour mark would take you 7 hours every day till the promotion finishes on November 30th. If you're going to be playing for a fair amount of time anyway, it seems like a nice little bonus gift for buying Halo 4, but if you plan on playing all those hours just for the points bonus, you'll definitely be better off just working at a job, as the 600 points rewards would net you the equivalent to $0.05 an hour. Not a bad deal if you have an Evil Custom Xbox 360 Controller to play with.

There isn't any news on the other 200 points yet, but it will probably be for purchasing other Halo 4 items on Xbox Live.

Written by Ollie Green