Dragonborn  - Skyrim DLC

Although rumors are usually close to the truth when it comes to gaming, it quite often means nothing until the developer behind the game states that it's true. In this case, Skyrim Dragonborn has now been officially announced by Bethesda with a new trailer depicting the new downloadable content in action.

A narrative plays over the action in the trailer, giving us hints that there is another Dragonborn other than you as the main protagonist. In the trailer, the other Dragonborn doesn't sound too happy to hear that he isn’t the only Dragonborn anymore, so expect interesting battle scenes against this new character in the DLC.

The trailer also shows new equipment and armor, as well as Solsthiem, a location previously visited in the third Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. The most exciting new feature though is the ability to mount a dragon and fly it across Skyrim. The video shows the Dragonborn (our Dragonborn, not the other slightly more evil version) climbing onto a Dragons neck and mounting the flying beast. Although none of this is confirmed, if previous rumors are true, we'll be able to ride a dragon by either summoning them or by using a shout whilst wearing special Dragon summoner’s boots.

The new Dragonborn DLC will be available on December 4th for 1600 Microsoft points. Currently there aren't any mentions of dates for PC or PS3, but it's likely that the PC version will follow soon after, and if we're lucky, the PS3 version might make an appearance before 2020. Sorry PS3 fans.

Written by Ollie Green