Fighting Game Developers lend Moral Support to Japan

As you know, last week we reported that video game companies are lending their support in the relief effort in Japan. Well just recently, Capcom is lending more of their support (morally) by providing some wallpapers to remind people to lend a hand.

Seen and read here (if you can read Japanese), the developers of Capcom issued this statement:

On March 11th, we felt great sympathy for those effected by the Earthquake here in Japan. In light of the disaster, we will not be doing any upcoming events that are Street Fighter related [like their upcoming Tekken vs. Street Fighter]. If you must know, we developers offer more than just entertainment, but also provide a great service. There is no reason why we cannot provide some support [to the relief effort]". Please support the relief by downloading these wallpapers.

Personally, while it isn't contributing financially to the relief effort (though Capcom is doing that by another project), moral support is needed as well and these wallpapers serve as one. Also they serve as a reminder to all that Japan is going to need everyone they can to help recover.