Evil Controller's Youngest Customer

Being that Evil Controllers is a company that relies mostly on Internet sales it is rare that we get to have face-to-face interaction with our clients! But every so often we get a local resident who drops by the Evil Laboratory, and our most recent customer was quite a surprise.

It is often perceived that the majority of our customers are above the age of 18, due to some of the most popular FPS games being for those who are 18 years old or above. However, there are always exceptions for that rule. If a parent or guardian approves the game for their child to play, a child of any age can be sitting behind an Xbox controller sniping their competition! So since I had perceived that the majority of our customers were above the age of 18 I was shocked when I met Vince, who could possibly be Evil Controllers youngest fan!

Vince is a devoted gamer and he is only seven years old! His parents approved of the popular FPS game, Call of Duty! They even went as far as purchasing him a controller from Evil Controllers! His original controller was one of Evil Controllers most popular controllers, the Red Skullz Controller. He also added the red LED Ring of Light and a set of Evil Sticks.

Vince came into the Evil Controllers location in Tempe, AZ to upgrade his controller to the Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload! While Vince was in here I was fortunate enough to get to talk to him for a little bit. While talking to him I was able to find out that his favorite game to play is Modern Warfare 2! His favorite weapon is the AC R. He also expressed how much he hates when people cop out and use the n00b tube!!

Vince is definitely a special child with a great personality! He was so easy to talk to and he was so thrilled to hear about the things Evil Controllers was doing for the gaming community! I am definitely a fan of Evil Controllers youngest customer!