Japan's Gaming Community Pleased that AC3 Will Be Not in Their Country

Before the unveiling that the next Assassin's Creed would be set in Colonial American, people had many debates on where and when it would take place. Some said pre-Communist Revolution Russia, others thought it would go back to the Mediterranean, and some others thought Japan would be the likely setting, next to America. However, when the announcement of AC3 was made, apparently the Japanese gaming community gave off a sigh of relief as well as the game's developers, according to this Kotaku article.

Kotaku's sister site "Kotaku Japan" posted about the news and it spread like wildfire amongst popular Japanese video game blogs like Hachima and Oreteki. The two most common reason Japanese commenters gave for not wanting the next Assassin's Creed to be set in Japan because for one thing, traditional Japanese buildings were not tall and that ninjas were actually more about collecting information not really for assassinations (though they did do that too).

According to translated comments they gave various reasons to defend their points:

"That's because ninjas are not assassins..."
"[this is what] foreigners think a ninja is, which is why they are unable to tell a ninja and an assassin apart."
"Ninja games that foreigners make are weird, so no thanks...you guys are putting way too much emphasis on ninjas...
"Foreigners don't even like ninjas that much."


Those are pretty good reasons for their side of the story, except the last one. We dig ninjas. While most of the comments were against the Japanese setting, some said they were for it, if it was set in a time that wouldn't be expected by most audiences. So not the Feudal Japan that we would know of, but more of a "turn of the century/embrace Western technology" Japan.

One commenter wrote that it would be interesting to see how foreigners portrayed Japan. However that doesn't seem the case now as we now know it will be set on Colonial America and instead of worrying about the Templars' impact on trade relations between the Dutch East Indies company and the Shogunate, we're now worried about fighting for America's freedom from British tyranny.