life is strange polarized

The last chapter of Life is Strange has finally received a release date. The final episode for Life is Strange has been named Polarized and it will be released on October 20.

There is one small twist, however. Because Polarized has not yet been completed, the Life is Strange developers cannot promise that the last episode will be finished by October 20. If everything goes to plan, however, players will definitely be able to get their hands on the final chapter on the aforementioned release date.

Square Enix has made a little mention of the release date on a blog post, further explaining why the October 20 release date is not 100% set in stone.

"We don't normally announce a date until we know the game is 100% ready but in the spirit of Max's birthday (today) we wanted to let you know early that we are aiming to release Episode 5 ‘Polarized’ October 20."

"Many things can change in the lead up to release but the team are working really hard to try and hit this date. We know the wait may be a bit longer than some of you were hoping for but we want to ensure Episode 5 is the best it can be."

Square Enix went on further by discussing their excitement for the final chapter.

"We are super excited for you to play the finale and we hope you enjoy the ride! We couldn't have foreseen the great reaction Life is Strange has had so far, the community is fantastic and we love seeing/reading your reactions to each episode."