I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Last of Us is getting a free multiplayer mode. Yes, that's right, a free multiplayer mode.

Who would have thought that a developer could make a great game and then keep developing free content for it afterwards? Once again we've seen that not only are Sony exclusives great games, but they are made by great developers who care about making great games more than they care about making great bank.

The new multiplayer mode is a 4 v 4 game named interrogation. In interrogation, players will team up to fight other players for five interrogations by taking it from the opposing team steathily or by brute force and will then open the other teams lockbox once all 5 interrogations are received.

Like previous multiplayer game modes in the Last of Us, it takes both skill and good teamwork to successfully beat the other team, and it's great that Naughty Dog have managed to develop game modes that offer compelling game play objectives.

The new 1.03 patch also changes a few things around by tweaking the matchmaking system, balancing out the rewards for finishing a match, and makes a few other changes.

Have you played the new game mode yet? It was applied to the new patch and will be available as soon as you update the game.