Mario Maker 2 Update Brings Link

Nintendo has released an update to their Mario Maker 2 game, letting players get in on the action as legendary RPG hero Link.

The update brings Link as well as his iconic sword to the action, with players able to pull off butt stomps, use bombs, and even shoot enemies with your bow and arrow. The update also brings new enemies, P-blocks, frozen coins, and the dash block. A fully fleshed out option to use the Super Mario World game style is also included, letting your levels look like they belong on the Switch or Wii U versions of the platforming game.

One feature that didn’t get a lot of love in the press but will likely be popular is the addition of a speedrunning mode, which will let players get in on the crazy Kaizo style levels that are created, letting players see multiple instances of their characters that failed the level. For those unaware, Kaizo levels are developed to create a bunch of ways for players to die, and are extremely difficult to complete.

These features come alongside the bevy of different features that launched with the game in June of this year. Thus far, the game is a huge success story for Nintendo and its Switch platform, having sold more than 4 million copies since June of this year.

We’re geeked to be seeing Link in the game, and we can’t help but think what other characters would be awesome in this level creator. Will we be seeing the likes of Donkey Kong and Kirby in future updates? The possibility is tantalizing if you ask us!