Black Ops 2 Headsets

If you're a gamer, you will know how important audio quality can be, especially when playing competitive First-person-shooters such as Call of Duty Black Ops, and although there has been many decent gear released over the years, the best quality headsets have quite often come from Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach has recently announced a new line of Black Ops 2 branded high-end, high quality headsets which will go on sale on October 29th.

There will be 5 new headsets in the limited edition Black Ops 2 range, all with different price points and quality ranges, starting with the cheapest that's been named the Ear Force earbud, and the most expensive which has been dubbed the Ear Force Tango.

The headset range isn't expected to be anything new in terms of audio quality, but the five headsets are likely to make a good competition against other headsets for sale at the various price points available.

Turtle Beach hasn't released pricing information yet, but it's likely the Call of Duty headset range, especially the earforce Tango, won't come cheap, but if you do play first person shooter games on a regular basis, whether it is for professional purposes or just for fun, the Turtle Beach headset range is definitely worth the money.

The five Limited Edition Black Ops 2 headsets don't just sound nice, they look pretty sweet too, and they've all been branded with a Black Ops-like skin consisting mainly of black and orange.

Written by Ollie Green