Modern Warfare 3

There have been some rumors surrounding the new Modern Warfare titleregarding a new game type called survival mode. Recently, however, it seems thatthese rumors have been confirmed and the new gameplay mode is in its beta stage.Survival mode will basically be a wave defense gameplay type that will take theplace of zombies in MW3. In my mind, I picture something similar to horde modein the Gears of War series, and if this is the case I am really excited to get to try it out.

This new game mode in Modern Warfare 3 is going to be awesome, becauseinstead of mindless zombies chasing you through extensive maps, you will bebattling intelligent bots that actually shoot back. This provides the gamer with awhole new challenge, and the strategy involved will be massively different from therun and gun style zombies. It is going to be a whole new experience with theModern Warfare gameplay, and personally I am glad to see this new addition to thefranchise.

Unfortunately at the moment it does not appear that any gameplay fromsurvival mode has been released, but we will keep our eyes and ears pealed for newinformation. Anytime something new gets added to titles such as Modern Warfare Iget excited because the game developers have already created an amazing title, andsubsequently the addition of survival mode can only be for the better.
By - Andrew Waterhouse