After all of the talk and arguing about whether the two next gen consoles, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, will have 1080P support for next gen titles, it's personally left me a bit frustrated with the way 'fanboys' seem to enjoy trash talking their fellow gamers.

This probably leaves Microsoft, Sony and any game developers working on next gen titles wondering what they can do to please the angry crowd of gamers that are slowly piling up outside their front door, and in Infinity Ward's case, it looks like a 1080P compatibility patch for Call of Duty Ghosts on the PlayStation 4.

Straight out of the box, Call of Duty Ghosts will play at 1080P natively in multiplayer mode, but the single player is stuck at 720P. The new patch that's been available for download since day one fixes this and allows players to play single player in 1080P resolution.

After hearing about this, this has left a few gamers upset, most likely because it has given PS4 fan boys a little less to boast about to their Xbox One buddies, but the new update should fix any concerns and allow PS4 gamers to continue shouting abuse at Xbox One gamers over the internet who will unfortunately be stuck with 720P on Call of Duty Ghosts.

If you're not into any of that, alternatively you could now go and enjoy the COD Ghosts singleplayer in full 1080P HD resolution and make use of the free HDMI cable they’ve sent out with every PS4.