A new patch for Infamous Second Son has been launched and it makes a number of changes to support the new PS4 Pro console. The new patch also applies to the standalone DLC pack Infamous First Light.

Firstly, the patch for Infamous Second Son is a total of 3.6GB in size and it simply features a texture and frame rate update. The new update now allows PS4 Pro owners to play in HDR and 4K resolution.

The Infamous First Light patch on the other hand is a little smaller, weighing in at 2.5GB and essentially provides the same HDR and 4K resolution support. The new updates for both versions of Infamous don't upscale the original textures, either. The developers have revisited the game to offer brand new 4K resolution textures - the detail and quality on these textures will certainly surpass that of the previous texture quality by a long shot.

According to the developers, the new 4K resolution for Infamous Second Son look absolutely phenomenal. Jason Connel, from Sucker Punch, the developer behind Infamous mentioned that, "The powers look amazing. Delsin's smoke powers and Fetch's neon powers are particularly impressive."

"Watching the original effects now in 4K and HDR, I notice details I didn't even know existed. For example, when Fetch does a ground pound, waves of brilliantly flickering particles erupt in all directions. We even improved photo-mode to let you pause on powers. My favorite is winding up Fetch's ultimate neon bomb and then quickly activating photo mode to pause and observe the thousands of emissive particles bits forming around her."