Spartan Ops New Locations

343 Industries have given a few websites a preview into the next and final episodes of Spartan Ops for Halo 4. An unexpected press release was also given, and it gives details on new areas to visit in Spartan Ops.

In the previous five episodes of Spartan Ops, players have played in the Requiem sandbox, featuring many assets from both singleplayer and multiplayer maps being used more than once. From looking at the press release from 343 Industries, it's safe to say that the last five Spartan Ops missions will include a change of scenery, offering more variety in gameplay and overall appearance whilst playing.

"Reenlist with Fireteam Crimson as they search for Spartan Thorne on planet Requiem and come face-to-face with the threat of Jul 'Mdama and his cult of Covenant separatists. The intensity of Season One builds to its thrilling conclusion in Episodes 6-10 as the battle moves beyond Requiem to a wide variety of locations featuring epic vehicularcombat and on-foot encounters with Prometheans and Covenant forces."

It sounds as if 343 has put more time into the last half of the Spartan Ops episodes to offer more enjoyable content for players, instead of the currently rather boring repetitive scenarios and scenes.

The first of the last five episodes was released on the 21st January, and the others will follow shortly.