Despite only launching with two different gameplay modes, Conquest and Domination, DICE have just rolled out an update to the Battlefield 4 BETA to add another multiplayer game mode.

The new game mode is named Obliteration and should be available to play on all platforms that currently support the Beta. (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

In Obliteration, a bomb will spawn in a randomly selected location on the map, and two teams will fight to pick up the bomb and then plant it in one of the three team's objective points.

As you can imagine, the bomb spawn point will be incredibly hectic, and once the bomb has gone off at an objective point, both teams will then have to fight for a new randomly placed bomb on the map.

Once a team has destroyed all three of their objectives, they will win the game. Alternatively, the game will end after the timer runs down.

In the full version of Battlefield 4, there will be a total of seven different multiplayer modes and ten different maps, however Obliteration is only the third available game mode on the BF4 Beta, and there is only one map available to play on.

No news has been given on whether any more game modes or maps will be available in the Beta.