New Plane Added to GTA Online

A brand new plane has been added to GTA Online as part of an expansion of the Smuggler's Run update. Changes have been made to in-game discounts and a new adversary mode is now available.

First, let's start with the new aircraft. The latest GTA Online patch adds the Mammoth Mogul plane to the game. This is a heavily armed plane equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun and a smaller machine gun at the front. The .50 caliber must be controlled by a second player and can swivel in place.

Extra upgrades allow you to add a bay for explosives and takeoff via thruster jets. You can pick up the new Mammoth Mogul from the Warstock Cache & Carry website.

A number of new discounts have been applied to this week's GTA Online update. A 25% discount has been applied to the following items:

  • Hangar Workshop
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Armor Upgrades
  • Aircraft Handling Upgrades
  • Aircraft Weapons Upgrades
  • Flight and Air Racing Suits
  • Mobile Operation Center Cabs
  • APC
  • Progen T20 (Super)

Finally, the new adversary mode in GTA Online is called Stockpile. It's a capture the flag game mode that puts a focus on aerial combat. Players must team up and man an aircraft together. For the first week, Stockpile will give players double GTA $ and RP.

Are you going to be jumping into GTA Online to try out the new content? This latest update is a small addition to the existing Smuggler's Run expansion, which added a huge range of new aerial vehicles and aircraft.