Back to Future Game Available Soon

Coming soon to a future near you: the Back to the Future franchise is launching into the video game world, with the first game installment hitting stores for PCs at the end of this month.

The game will pick up where the third film left off, in the first of five installments. Players will be able to play as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, traveling through time and encountering off the wall characters and peculiar situations. However, few details have been let out about where in time the game will actually take the player.

Co-creator/co-writer/co-producer of the films, Bob Gale, has been hard at work building the games, and original Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd has been voicing the animated version of his famous character. Created by Telltale Games, the game is shaping up to be pretty impressive.

The game will be action adventure based and will include puzzle solving, item collecting, and miscellaneous quests. As of recently, screenshots and now video of game footage have been released on IGN.

Footage from the upcoming game.