Politics in Games - North Korea not going be lead by a Gaming Loser

One of Kim Jong Il's sons is apparently too busy playing video games to take over the reins of his father and run the world's most secluded militaristic oppressive country. Wikileaks (you know that organization that just likes to be the fly in every government's luncheon soup) has released information from a 2008 U.S. government consulate cable in Shanghai to the U.S. State Department. In addition to the information about the future prospects of North Korea and its leader being in very ill health they released this:

"...the two youngest sons, Kim Jong-chol and Kim Jong-un, far too inexperienced and incapable of effective governance. xxxxx, observing that KJI's oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, is "too much of a playboy,"Kim Jong-chol is "more interested in video games" than governing, and Kim Jong-un is simply too young."

Well looks like that if that's the problem...this blogger has no worries about North Korea's next line of leaders. If Kim Jong-chol is given the reins, I guess we can have some sense that he'll be more distracted by Black Ops and Starcraft than wondering how to build a nuclear missile. And his onlyinvolvementwith nuclear missiles is trying to get a 25 kill streak in MW2.

Course....there will be weirdpropaganda like his father. Kim Jong Il is said to have played golf for the first time and got all hole-in-ones. What's this kid gonna have? "He played Black Ops for the first time and released attack dogs while being a level 1?"