It seems like everyone has been waiting forever to witness the release of the next-gen consoles. Out of the three giants Nintendo has already revealed its next-gen console (the Wii U) which is expected to hit stores somewhere near fall of this year. Microsoft and Sony on the other hand are still very quiet.

It's like an old school standoff with Sony and Microsoft keeping a very close eye one other. I bet they are also keeping a watch on Nintendo but I highly doubt either company really sees Nintendo as a threat. We all know why. Nintendo makes amazing 1st party titles but without proper 3rd party titles it is going to be really hard for Nintendo to catch-up to the other two.

I guess Nintendo knows this fact well and based on this they decided to launch Wii U ahead of the competition. But according to new rumors Nintendo might not have the luxury of a huge gap anymore. A few GameStop employees have recently come forth to reveal that that either one or both next-gen consoles will be launched in 2013.

You probably think it is another rumor but I am glad to tell you otherwise. Just recently the CEO of GameStop Paul Rines himself told Polygon that one of the next gen-consoles has already been fixed for launch next year! I quote, "We have not been expecting two more consoles in 2013. We're expecting Wii U this holiday, another one next year, and another one in '14."

So this leads to the next question, which one is coming out on 2013? Will it be the Xbox 720 aka Durango or PS4 aka Orbis? It is a bit confusing really. We all know that PS3 fell behind in sales due to its late entry to the market so it would make sense for it to launch earlier but, the PS3 is still crunching out awesome games (The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls) so there is no rush for the next console just yet.

On the other hand the Xbox 360 hasn't aged so well and is in need of an upgrade and in order to repeat their previous success they are most probably considering an early release. Honestly it's anyone’s guess right now. Heck even Sony and Microsoft might not know when to launch! Either way we get to see a new-console. 2013 sure sounds like a good year for gamers.

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Blog by Shahriar Azad