Borderlands 2 Level Raise 100% Definite

Randy Pitchford, current president of the devs behind Borderlands 2 has taken to twitter to discuss a new interview with VentureBeat after fans worried the CEO about a huge amount of angry talk within the official Borderlands 2 forums.

When VentureBeat didn't mention once about a Borderlands 2 level cap increase after discussing new and upcoming content with Randy on the interview, players were quick to jump to the conclusion that the game would not include a level cap raise at all.

One player tweeted out to Randy saying "Are you still doing a level cap raise for BL2? The GBX forums are experiencing a ****storm from that VentureBeat interview." Randy replied to the tweet with the following: "Can you please tell them to calm the **** down. Take-away- it's hard and expensive, but we're commited."

Unfortunately this tweet didn't help to disperse the situation, but instead caused more rage as fans were worried the lack of a full 'yes' in the last tweet meant a level cap raise was unlikely.

However, Randy followed his last tweet with a 100% confirmation on a level cap raise to help calm down the agitated fans. "I'll say: 100% chance of a level cap increase this year, but 50\50 on unforeseen consequences that some people will rage about."

The level cap is happening, but it may take a little while before Gearbox polish it out enough for full release.

Are you looking forward to a level cap raise in Borderlands 2?