Rockstar has produced some of the most hyped-up games in the last decade, and with their huge collection of games and genres, it only makes sense that they release a compilation of all of their most popular titles in a nice, affordable bundle. Well, Rockstar have finally packaged up a few games within a newly announced collection, which has been named the Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1.

The games included in the bundle are GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club Complete Edition.

Episodes of Liberty City will include both expansions for the fourth Grand Theft Auto separate from the main game, and the Midnight Club Complete Edition includes all previous downloadable content for free.

November 6th will make the way for the new collection, and will set you back $59.99. You may be able to find all four of the games pre-used at a cheaper price, but this package provides the four games in mint condition and in a new and easily manageable case. If you've played these games before, or have wanted to play each of the games but haven't yet had a chance, this will give you a great opportunity to play through the titles whilst waiting for GTA V.

What's interesting about the collection is that it has been named Edition 1, so it's more than likely Rockstar have plans for at least one more game collection for retail, and although there have been no details released on the games to be included in Edition 2, I'll put my money on it including the full GTA IV, Max Payne 3, and Bully: Scholarship edition.

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Written by Ollie Green