The multiplayer on Ryse Son of Rome will have a microtransaction system that will allow players to purchase boosts that help to gain more gear. Since gaming has began, the microtransaction system that allows players to buy benefits to their game with real cash has mainly stuck to free to play titles, usually on the PC.

Slowly microtransactions have seeped into other games and now games backed by publishers like Dead Space 3 also include microtransactions.

Personally I think the whole 'pay to receive more than everybody else' system is something that needs to go away, certainly when players have already paid full price to play the game. I hope that the microtransaction trend will die out, although publishers seem keen to push us to reach for our wallets in many ways possible including pre-planned DLC packages, season passes and now microtransactions.

In Ryse Son of Rome players will spend gold on armor to make their character more effective in multiplayer mode. Players will be able to buy gold with real cash to help speed up their progress towards the next item.

This form of microtransaction allows players that don't spend real money to still acquire the same items as those that do pay, and it'll hopefully mean that multiplayer isn't too unbalanced.