Microsoft announced last week that they'll be confirming a game that will come free with every Xbox One on launch day at this year's Gamescom. They have kept to their word and let everyone know that the launch day edition console will come bundled with FIFA 14.

The soccer game will not change the prices of the console at all, meaning people who purchase the Xbox One will be able to save themselves the extra price of buying the game separately.

Firstly this is good because it helps to shorten the price gap between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and secondly it helps that Microsoft have chosen a popular game most people are likely to buy anyway.

However, the price difference between the Xbox One and PS4 is large enough for anybody to purchase both a PlayStation 4 and FIFA 14 for less than the price of the Xbox One bundled with the game.

The price is minimal though, and if you were going to be buying FIFA 14 and you're unsure of what console to buy, this may help with your decision.

This deal is unfortunately exclusive to Europe currently, and this is no alternative offer for other countries.