Sony to Launch Back Paddle Adapter

It looks like Sony is finally catching up to us at Evil Controllers, as the company is launching a new adapter for their DualShock 4 controller that gives the device rear paddles.

The new device is called the Back Button Attachment and will feature a puck style device that plugs into the underside of the DualShock 4, putting backpedals on the back. The puck will have an OLED screen attached to it, which will allow users to program what button they want to attach to the paddles. This will give players the chance to have faster response times for firing, accelerating, or performing any type of action they want in-games.

The device appears to be an option for those that want to add some functionality to the DS4 without taking the big leap into controller mods. Of course, we’re a bit biased, but we prefer our Shift Controllers, which allow for much more customization, including hairpin triggers, larger thumbsticks, and better overall options that are tailored to the games you play.

The Back Button Attachment will launch next month and run $30. It is being shown shortly after a possible leak of the PS5 controller came out, showing a larger design, USB-C charge port, and a possible screen where the current touchpad rests.