XBOX 360 Console NEWS: Chevy and others advertise by XBOX

The forces of Sprint, T-Mobile, and Chevrolet in using the Kinect from Microsoft in order to advertiseÂÂto gamers in a new way. When Kinect Joy Ride comes out later this year, Chevrolet will use the technology of the Kinect in order to have gamers test-drive vehicles in-game. In addition you can unlock other Chevy products such was the Cruze, Camaro, and the Corvette.

chevy advertising by xbox live - evil controllers

Sprint will be using Kinect by sponsoring the launch of Kinect Adventures by co-branding the experience on X-Box live and also holding a contest where people can get their pictures on the sponsored service. T-Mobile will be behind Kinect Sports, where they will have product placement in various parts of the game, and also like Sprint, they will hold various contests as well.

It seems that the wall that stood between advertiser and consumer has been shattered thanks to the innovations of these companies, does it mean that it could be a new form of advertisement that will continue on and gain more companies to jump on the bandwagon? Only time will tell.

Written by Evil Ambassador Geroncio Bonito Copiozo