The 2019 Pokemon World Championships Were a Big Success

This year’s annual Pokemon World Championships are all wrapped up, with players from around the world competing in Pokemon video games as well as the ever-popular trading card game, along with the mobile hit Pokemon Go.

This year’s event took place in Washington D.C. and saw players squaring off in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokken, and Pokemon Go on the digital side of things. The winners for the digital games were as follows

World Video Game Championships
Junior Division: Pi Wu (Taiwan)
Senior Division: Ko Tsukide (Japan)
Masters Division: Naoto Mizobuchi (Japan)

Pokken World Championships
Senior Division: Collin Jones (USA)
Masters Division: Subutan (Japan)

Pokemon Go Invitational:
Champion: Pogokieng

The big winners for the trading card game are as follows:

Pokemon World Trading Card Championships
Junior Division: Haruki Miyamoto (Japan)
Senior Division: Kaya Lichleitner (Germany)
Masters Division: Henry Brand (Australia)

Those who competed in the tournaments were able to snag a nifty swag bag that contained a backpack, water bottle, hat, shirt, badge, pin, and posters. The winners were able to claim a trophy, which featured the adorable Pikachu holding his own trophy.

Next year’s World Championships will be held in London, and the main video game for the Video Game Championships will be Pokemon Sword and Shield. That game launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 15th of this year, and will give players plenty of time to get acquainted before they set their creates off to battle some of the world’s best trainers.