Gears of War Judgement Info

If you didn't know already, Gears of War Judgment is Epic Games upcoming title and will be a prequel to the current trilogy, in which the campaign puts you back into the aftermath of Emergence Day in Gears of War 1. You'll follow Kilo Squad, including members Lt. Damon Baird and Private Augustus, as they are accused of treason after a bloody battle against the Locust in Halvo Bay.

The campaign is likely to be equally as stunning as the previous games, but what brings players back again and again is the competitive multiplayer that stands out from other top shooter games.

In Gears of War Judgment, we'll still be able to play the normal versus multiplayer modes, but we'll also get some new gameplay modes,one of which is named OverRun.

OverRun will pit the COG against the Locust in a territorial massacre. As the COG, your objective will be to protect two sealed emergence holes and a hammer of dawn beacon, whilst the Locust seek to destroy it. The game mode will consist of five player teams and each team will have a turn at playing both the COG and the Locusts.

Epic Games will also include a new Free-For-All Mode which will allow players to fight in a bloody arena where for the first time you'll be able to play against other COG soldiers as a COG soldier yourself.

The two new gameplay modes will add a great deal of content to the multiplayer experience, and here's hoping that they will be as successful as previous attempts by Epic Games.

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Written by Ollie Green