"I don't care that you help saved humanity from extinction, Mr. Fenix, it'll still be about two quid to Milton Keynes"

So in Milton Keynes, England a student had to pay a full bus fare for Marcus Fenix. I'm dead serious. Liam Sheridan, a huge Gears of War fan, was bringing home a life-size cardboard display of Marcus Fenix. Unfortunately when he reached the bus station (or coach station as our UK followers would say), Liam's montly bus pass wouldn't cover for his cardboard cutout as the driver wouldn't allow Marcus to ride for free. As a result, Liam was thus charged around two quid for a full adult fare on top of his monthly pass so that the COG soldier could take a seat on the bus.

When reached for comment by the the local paper, Liam stated that he couldn't believe it, and despite protesting about the fare, he eventually had to pay for it. When the paper followed up with the local transit authority, there was no comment until its investigation was finished.

This is Marcus Fenix we're talking about, you could at give him a free ride or at least charge him the kid's fare instead. Oh well, when the Locust swarm comes to England, bet the local transit authority will regret charging the COG two quid when grenadiers roam the streets.