Well folks, its finally double points weekend again on Ps3 and for many of us, that means we will most likely be spending our last day on earth inside pwning noobs. Really with the impending rapture ahead of us this brings a whole new light to the phrase, Its not the end of the world! I really hope its not the end, I am still too young to die. However, after seeing what might have been the most absurd call of duty kill of all time last night from my friend Jon, I could at least rest easy. To describe what occurred, basically this guy was running up the stairs on Array, Jon fired 4 or 5 bullets out of his Aug and then switched to his python putting one bullet directly between this poor unsuspecting chumps eyes. It wasnt a difficult kill, it was just masterfully executed and equally humiliating to watch.

I wont be surprised if this weekend yields complete insanity, as everyone will be struggling to make up for that lost time due to the PlayStation Network outage. Indeed, I plan on doing lots of catching up, as I dont plan on letting my neighbors reach 15th prestige before me! Im 8th prestige going on 9th in one level, and they are in their mid 7th prestige. Im extremely excited about Modern Warfare 3 coming out later this year, and I am almost tempted to get readjusted to the good ol MW2, but alas I still havent gotten all the playing value Black Ops has to offer. Which is why I am praying to the gods that if we make it through this weekend and somehow to the release date of MW3, that it keeps elements of Black Ops in terms of customization factors and combines it with the gameplay style of MW2. Can you imagine that? That would truly be the ultimate Call of Duty. Thoughts?

-Evil Nick

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