Industry News - Stupid Burglar caught due to Facebook

All I can say is wow. You have to be pretty thick to be a criminal in my case, but this just about tops it for dimwittedness.

Apparently, a D.C. burglar thought his victims Facebook to be the best outlet to proudly flaunt his stolen prizes. Somehow, authorities have yet to catch the perpetrator, although of all the dumb things he could have done to give himself away and solidify the evidence, taking a picture of himself smirking with the stolen cash and winter jacket he took is probably at the top of the list.

The burglar broke into Washington Post writer Marc Fishers home last Friday, running away with Fishers 15 year old sons laptop, iPod, some saving bonds, cash, and a pretty nice winter coat. He then proceeded to take a picture of himself with the laptops webcam, posing and smirking with the stolen goods, and then posted it on Fishers sons Facebook page.

D.C. police officer Kyle Roe stated, Ive seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal Ive ever seen.

As dumb as the cops may believe him to be, however, he has yet to be caught, and, even though he posted a very clear and visible picture of his face, very possibly will get away with the crime. According to police officers, most burglars in the D.C. area only leave with probation, so the law enforcement doesnt try as hard to catch them.

As said by victim Marc Fisher, No wonder the guy in our photo wore such a confident smirk.

If anyone happens to recognize this man, call it in to the D.C. police! He certainly deserves at least probation if not way more! I mean, who steals from a 15 year old kid?