Modded controllers:Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload

For any gamer out there who plays FPS games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, you got two priorities, Rapid Fire and Fast Reloading.

The Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload is probably the modded controller that every gamer needs. And those who have tested it out can says that when it comes to fast reloading, it's a prime choice. This function is highly valued amongst gamers because those seconds between reloading can be vital to gameplay and whether you win or lose the round.

In addition to its fast reloading function, this controller includes a Universal Rapid Fire feature that make nearly every gun you play in FPS I(first person shooter) games turn from a semi-auto to a full auto-machine gun. The Universal Rapid Fire feature is something every FPS gamer needs especially if they need to get a bit of the edge over the competition, that edge being able to shoot faster in the smallest amount of time.

This modded controller has also the ability to be compatible and work on all firearms in FPS games like the Call of Duty Series and Battlefield. The settings are adjustable on the controller and can easily adjust from one setting to the next. For example, you can switch from Battlefield: Bad Company 2's settings and then easily switch over to Halo: Reach's settings when needed.

Evil Controller's Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload, like all of Evil Controller's line of controllers are modified from Official Microsoft packaging, meaning you will not be getting a modified third party controller.

Finally, Evil Controllers offers more customization for your Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload, such as Evil Sticks, the Evil D-Pad, and LEDs. These features are there to add more function and customization to your modded controllers . With these additional features and the standard features of the controller, the Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload is something that every gamer needs and wants.