The popular gaming website IGN has recently posted a blog concerning the possibilities for a PS4 in 2012. The information comes from a Taiwanese manufacturer, who has allegedly leaked information that the Playstation 4 is on track to be available sometime in 2012. This information is tantalizing enough, but it gets better, much better. The Taiwanese source also boasts that the PS4 has a built in motion detection device, much like the Xbox Kinect. This takes the possibilities for Playstation gaming to whole new heights, and assuming that the rumors are valid, it is incredibly exciting news for the Playstation community.

The validity of this claim is debatable, but in the spirit of progressing the gaming industry, the addition of motion control to the PS4 would be an excellent new product. The Playstation already competes extremely well with the capabilities of the Xbox 360, and with both companies planning for new consoles the PS4 seems to be looking for an edge over the competition. Fair enough in my book, and it only means that the future holds some amazing gaming opportunities for consumers.

The Taiwanese source also pointed out that manufacturing is being handled by Foxconn and Pegatron technology, which developed and mastered the Playstation 3. This means that the PS4 will function in a similar way to the PS3, and this will make the switch extremely easy for PS3 devotees.

Will the PS4 debut in 2012; does it plan to feature motion control, and what other tasty features are going to come along with its release? All pertinent questions, and unfortunately there arent many answers as of yet. However, the rumors have created quite a buzz, and now I cant wait to learn of the PS4s new technology. We will keep our eyes out for new information, and you do the same. Game on with your bad self, Evil style!